About For Your Success & Stefan Andjelovic

Our mission is to become the largest online education platform where ambitious people learn how to start a successful online business. Check out our story below

For your success photo event
Stefan andelovice speak through microphone
For Your Success Event
Stefan Andelovic speaking at the For Your Success Event
For Your Success Event
For your success photo event
How it all started

Our road to success


Graduated from college in the field of Sport Studies (didn’t do anything with it).

Started as an entrepreneur in 2017

Risks were everywhere. But I was convinced that I would become successful.

FYS Media

3+ years owner of FYS Media (marketing agency), specialised in helping E-commerce and coaching/consulting companies with YouTube Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads and Email Marketing


Years of ups and downs, made many mistakes and to this day, I am still learning. Eventually scaled the company to 6-figures and still growing.

Converting an idea into reality

For Your Success was founded by Stefan and Ka-hou. They wanted to share their knowledge of online marketing and decided to develop an online program to teach people how to start and/or scale an online business.

The program quickly became a success and has already helped thousands with setting up and growing their own businesses.

Today, the program is one of the the most highly regarded programs of its kind and is continuously innovating en expanding to help even more people realise their dream.


For Your Success Team

CEO & co-founder For your success

Stefan Andjelovic

Stefan founded For Your Success with a mission.To help ambitious people start and grow their successful online venture or business to eventually achieve financial freedom.

Traditional training and most courses are outdated, too expensive and the success rate they produce is not optimal.This is where we want to change.

CmO & co-founder For Your Success

Ka - Hou

Ka Hou, co-founder of "For Your Success," is an expert in online marketing, specializing in creating effective marketing funnels and online advertising through social media, Google and YouTube.

His innovative approach has helped companies expand their reach and boost sales. At "For Your Success," Ka Hou shares his knowledge and experience, inspiring and guiding others on their digital marketing journey. His expertise and dedication make him a leading figure in the online marketing industry.

Koen profile picture
Sales Specialist FYS - Agency owner

Koen Westerkamp

My name is Koen Westerkamp, a passionate marketing expert who himself runs a successful marketing agency for mortgage brokers. With a wealth of experience and proven results in the industry, I have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing online marketers.

In addition to running my own thriving business, I also enjoy dedicating myself to mentoring students and helping them be the best they can be. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the latest trends and strategies in online marketing.

Coach - Community Manager & Agency Owner

Leroy Mearns

Leroy Mearns is a skilled professional in website development and SEO, with a passion for conversion, design and findability. As the owner of a successful Website and SEO agency for e-commerce, he uses his expertise to help clients improve their online presence.

In addition to his agency role, Leroy serves as a coach and community manager at "For Your Success," where he shares his extensive knowledge and experience to support others on their digital journey. With his unique approach and dedication, Leroy is a respected figure in the world of digital marketing and e-commerce.

Coach - Community Manager & Agency Owner

Mohammed Chibrani

Currently I have been running my own agency for about 3 years and have also set up 2 other businesses.

I started in 2020 as a student with stefan and gradually grew to become one of the coaches within for your success. A team that is ready for the students day and night and continuously tries to improve the program to give the students the best knowledge, so they can achieve success with their own agency.